Why Folks With Lymphedema Are Ditching Pain Medications For This Safe & Affordable Pain Relief Device

I Went From Choking Down Painkillers Just to Be Able to Fall Asleep… To Walking, Standing and Even Running Freely Again!

Written By J. Morgan | Oct. 26th 2023 | 11:23 am

Every morning, I wake up dreading the inevitable swelling in my legs.


I get out of bed and start to go about my day.


At first they just get a little puffy.


But as the day goes on the pain and swelling intensifies.


…Until it becomes absolute torture.


It gets to a point where my legs feel like they’re stuck in concrete.


They get so heavy that I have to lie down and put my feet up.


And this repeats all day, every day.


For 5 Years, My Lymphedema Made My Life a Nightmare

There were many mornings when I would wake up and think:


Should I even get out of bed?


My daily life was filled with so much pain and discomfort, I was dreading walking to the bathroom, going for a drive, and even just sitting down to work.


I tried my best to make it look like I had it under control.


But it was clear to everyone around me that something was wrong.


I put on weight because I couldn’t even go for a walk, let alone exercise.


I missed countless family trips because I had no energy to go anywhere.


The things I used to enjoy started to feel like torture.


I felt like I had aged 30 years.


The Most Frustrating Part Was, I Was Doing Everything I Could To Get Better

I tried everything from harmful painkillers, extensive physical therapy, compression socks and leg exercises, but nothing worked.


Painkillers are great at providing short-term relief but the moment you stop taking them, the effect wears off.


Plus, they are addictive.


And there are a lot of negative side effects like migraines and anxiety attacks.


Physical therapy also helps, but my wallet can’t afford it and it’s a 60 min drive each time.


Compression socks are simply overrated. I tried them for a month and didn’t see any significant improvement. They were just a waste of money.


Leg exercises  - Gosh! … I tried every leg exercise and stretch you can think of.


…But nothing helped.


I was afraid surgery was my only option left.


Deep down, I was terrified, didn’t know what to do and had no options.


A few days before making the decision on surgery, I bumped into my old professor who led me to discover a better solution for my leg swelling.

"Don't Even Think About The Surgery..."

…Was his reaction when I told him about my situation.


I ran into him in Tesco (cliche I know).


He didn’t recognise me immediately but was kind enough to hear me out and offer me advice.


He said that a vast majority of doctors in the UK don’t know anything about treating lymphedema because they are only given a measly 7 hours of training on pain management in medical school.


He told me that a leading reason for leg pain & swelling is blocked lymphatic drainage.


Which is a fancy way of saying that fluid gets built up in the legs and can’t drain away properly.


This causes the legs to swell up like a balloon!


Most solutions don’t address this root problem, and in fact, a lot of doctors resort to just giving out pain pills.


Thankfully, he assured me that there was a better solution.

That's When I First Heard About The 3 Best Therapies To Address The Root Cause Of Lymphedema

The professor explained that the three best ways to unblock and stimulate lymphatic drainage are pressotherapy (used by top-performing athletes), vibration therapy (used by medical professionals), and heat therapy (used by society for centuries).


By stimulating the lymphatic system, it becomes unblocked and the body is able to drain away the excess fluid and deliver oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the legs.


He suggested I try these three therapies before I go ahead with the surgery.


God knows I was desperate to try anything.


I didn’t even wait to get home! I started Googling in Tesco.


I wanted to find a practice that offered these three therapies and schedule an appointment ASAP.


Instead, I found something even better.


By Accident, I Came Across This Weird Looking Device That Gave Me Relief From My Leg Pain And Helped Put An End To My Agony

While looking for a practice that offered pressotherapy, vibration therapy, and heat therapy to treat lymphedema, I stumbled upon an at-home massager that combines these therapies.


It’s called the LegEase.


And it’s from a UK-based startup called Naxir.


It had tons of reviews from people who claimed that it had helped them reduce leg pain & swelling.


It came with a 60-day results or full refund guarantee - so I got myself a pair.


See, I kind of had some hope it was going to work, the device made sense to me.


But never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to work so quickly.


I took it out of the box and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use.


I just had to strap it around my leg and turn it on!


I tried it for 10 minutes, and by the end - I felt like I’d had the best leg massage of my life.


The first few days I didn’t really notice any difference in the pain or swelling. 


But it was nice just to have a relaxing massage.


Something that you would pay a lot of money for anyway.


I carried on using it and by the end of the first week, I noticed that my legs weren’t anywhere near as sore anymore when I woke up.


And after about 10 days, I started to sleep so much better, and was waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and hopeful!


I’m so glad that I stuck with the LegEase, because after using it for a couple of weeks…


… My lymphedema had noticeably improved, and I felt like I got my life back again.


I was so overwhelmed, I broke out in tears.


But this time, these were not tears of pain.


I was crying tears of relief.


5 Years Of Excruciating Pain Were Finally Coming To An End

I haven’t seen my doctor in over a year now.


Every time I get a flare-up, I put the LegEase on. It helps stop the pain & swelling dead in its tracks.


I can tell you that if it wasn’t for the LegEase, my legs would be puffy and swollen like balloons by now.


It sounds like a reach, but these massagers gave me back my life.


I’m back walking and exercising (lost 22 lbs)


I can play with my grandchildren again.


And my energy is like it was 10 years ago.


So to those living with lymphedema - I encourage them to give the LegEase a shot and feel relief from the pain.


Here's How It Works

Pressotherapy is used by top athletes to help them recover and heal.


It works by pressing the muscles using targeted air compression, to give them a deep-tissue massage and boost blood flow.


This delivers oxygen and nutrient rich blood, encouraging the body’s natural healing process.


LegEase uses specific patterns of compression to massage the legs.


These patterns are the most optimal way to reduce leg pain & swelling naturally.

Vibration Therapy

Used by medical professionals worldwide, vibration is the perfect way to stimulate lymphatic drainage.


It “wakes up” tired legs, and encourages the body's natural drainage of excess fluid.


The LegEase uses vibration to reduce the swelling in the legs.


It’s like letting the air out of a balloon!

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy has been used for centuries to soothe all sorts of pain. Heat therapy, when done correctly will open up the blood vessels, and boost blow flow to affected areas.


With one button push, LegEase incorporates gentle heat to your leg massage, to boost the body's natural healing process and loosen tight muscles.


The LegEase comes with a variety of modes and intensities, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a combination you love!

The Results Users Are Seeing Are Impressive

If you check out Naxir’s website, you will find tons of reviews from people who were able to reduce pain and swelling with this device, and finally get back to living their life!


See… That’s the kind of results Naxir wants you to experience.

Think about your legs right now…


Would you welcome even just a bit of relief from the constant pain, swelling, and heaviness?


How about getting an uninterrupted full night’s sleep?


How would it feel to be able to take a pain-free stroll with your loved one?


Would it allow you to enjoy your daily life a bit better if there was less or no feeling like your legs are stuck in concrete?

Imagine waking up in the morning and experiencing that feeling of… NOTHING!

No pain

No swelling

No heaviness

No limitations


Allowing you to sleep well at night without any pain or discomfort that would keep you awake…


Knowing that when you wake up, there is nothing that would stop you from just jumping out of bed, full of energy!


Imagine finally regaining control over your life and body again!


Doing all the things you love with your loved ones!


That feeling is priceless.


There’s a world of difference between living life with constant leg pain, swelling and heaviness, and being able to do what’s dearest to you.


And I’m excited for you to experience it for yourself.

IMPORTANT: You Won’t Find Naxir Products In Department Stores, On Amazon Or Ebay

That’s because the team at Naxir don’t want any middlemen to mark up their prices.


So you will never pay £397 for the device.


Naxir’s mission with the LegEase is to make cutting edge lymphedema solutions accessible to as many people as possible.


That’s why they sell directly to their customers.


Naxir heavily relies on word of mouth.


They believe if the product is good, the word will spread.


That’s why I’ve decided to write this article for them.


To act my part and spread my word.


It’s the least I can do for how much their LegEase massager transformed my life.


And that’s why you are not going to pay £397 - which is the recommended price for a device of this calibre.


Naxir doesn’t want the price to stand in your way.


So you won’t even pay half.


So even though they charge £179 per massager on their official website…


You won’t have to pay that today either.


Via This Link ONLY, you can get your LegEase for a simple one-time fee of just £119.99!


Yes, just £119.99.


But wait…


Even that was not enough for Naxir!


Because when I shared my story with them, they were touched by it.


It moved the team deeply.


So deeply, in fact, that the team decided to do something unheard of.


They came up with a one-time special offer for the reader’s of this article of mine…


With the hope that you’ll help spread the word and share this with anyone who might also benefit from this information


So right now, you can try the LegEase for only £89.99


Yes, just £89.99


That’s 50% off the regular price that is listed on Naxir’s official website.


If you think this is crazy, read this…

“You Don’t Have To Make A Decision Now!”

See… Naxir wanted to completely eliminate the risk from all buyers.


They’re so firm and confident in the effectiveness of this device that without a second thought they provided an iron clad 60-day results or refund money back guarantee.


They don’t want you to spend a dime until you are 100% certain that it works for you.


This means if you aren’t absolutely thrilled about your results, Naxir will refund you every penny you paid.


They’re making this guarantee because they’re confident you’re going to love the results you’re going to experience with your new LegEase massager.


Now you have 2 full months to test the LegEase and see for yourself how quickly it can relieve pain, swelling, tingling, and heaviness.


So click the big green “CHECK AVAILABILITY” button below.


If you don’t get the relief you’re looking for or you think there’s better solutions on the market for your condition, 

Naxir’s team will return 100% of your purchase price.


And no this is not a type of guarantee that every other company does nowadays.


This is no gimmick.


Want proof?


Try emailing or Naxir’s customer service.


You can literally reach them 24/7.


Simply email them at


You can also find this information on their official encrypted website.


They respond to every single email within 24 hours.


It may sound out-of-fashion but at Naxir, they make us, their customers, their absolute #1 priority.


I’m a living example of that being true.

WARNING: By The Time You’ll Be Reading This, This Offer May Already Be Sold Out!

Naxir has already sold out 3 times in the past.


And this current stock is selling out faster than anyone could have anticipated.


So I encourage you to act fast.


Because chances are by the time you’ll be reading this… the stock may have been already sold out again.


So without further ado…

Here’s What To Do Next

Click that big green “CHECK AVAILABILITY” button below.


It’s going to take you straight to Naxir’s official, encrypted website.


You will get there the special one-time deal reserved for the reader’s of this article.


Here all you need to do is click the button that says “REVEAL OFFER” and your discount code will be automatically applied.


Then select your favourite package…


I suggest you get the most popular package of 4 LegEase massagers so you can have a pair always at home, and a pair with your on-the-go!


Next click the “Add to cart” button then “Check out”, you’ll go straight to the checkout page where you just need to enter your name, address, and credit card information.


So click the big green button below and order your LegEase massagers today at up to 50% OFF!


The Only Risk You Could Possibly Face Is One Of Pain And Regret If You Miss Out

Now I’d like to take a moment to talk about what happens if you don’t act now.


Because the way I see it is you really have now 2 options that lead to 2 profoundly different realities.


See… lymphedema is a progressive condition.


This means that unless you start taking action early, it usually gets worse overtime.


Option #1:


Is to keep doing what you’ve been doing until now… Wasting time and money on solutions that you and I both know don’t work…


And letting the lymphatic blockages in your legs build up…


Until your legs swell up so much that you are left in a wheelchair.


Option #2:


You can make the smart decision to try Naxir’s LegEase Massager and at least have a chance to turn things around in weeks to come.


Remember - You’ve got nothing to lose.


Either it works as advertised and you’ll experience a massive relief.


OR you’ll get 100% of your money back.


Either way, it’s better than just giving up and doing nothing.


I’m still so grateful  every day that I discovered the LegEase.


It saved my life.


And I’m just one of the many people who will tell you that.


You owe it to yourself to give it a shot.


It’s time to do the smart thing, the right thing for you and your family while you still can.


Click the button below to apply your discount and give yourself a shot at normal life, free of pain, swelling, and heaviness.



4.8 | Based On Reviews

LegEase - Heated Leg Massager

Reduces Leg Pain & Swelling

Boosts Circulation

Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage

Improves Recovery & Healing


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